Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can we access Digital University?

An invitation email with the subject line “Welcome to the Women Deliver Young Leaders
Program Digital University!” was sent to the preferred email address you shared with us when
you joined the Women Deliver Young Leaders Program. In that email, click “Activate my
account.” You will then be prompted to create a password for future log-ins. Please check your
spam or junk folder in case the email went there.

Once you have successfully created your account, you can access Digital University by typing in your web browser and using your email address and password to log in.

Q: Can I switch between the online and PDF versions of Digital University?

When you go through Digital University, you will have to choose at the beginning whether you will use the PDFs and take the course offline, or take the course online on the platform. Progress in the PDFs does not track back to the online platform and vice versa. Finishing a module in the PDF version will not unlock the next module on the online platform.
As a reminder, if you are taking the PDF version of the course, remember to also take the corresponding pre- and post-assessments (these are located in links at the top and at the end of each PDF, respectively.

Q: How were Young Leaders grouped in cohorts? What is the function of cohorts while we participate in Digital University?

Peer learning can be powerful. Cohorts for Digital University were created to bring more peer-learning opportunities to the platform.

To form effective cohorts, the Class of 2020 was grouped based on diversity across multiple levels – you each have at least one thing in common with someone in your group, and we encourage you to connect and try to find out what that is!

For the first time, we have Young Leader Alumni serving as Digital University Alumni Facilitators guiding cohorts throughout Digital University to help facilitate discussion and answer any questions you may have.

Outside of cohort groups, there will be plenty of opportunities to engage with other Young Leaders in the Class of 2020, such as on Mighty Networks, future Multi-Country Workshops and regional cohorts, the Women Deliver 2022 Conference, and more.

We hope you will use this particular cohort experience in Digital University to both glean from and contribute to the learning experience.

Q: Are there deadlines for each module? Are there tasks that need to be accomplished?

Digital University is a self-paced platform designed specifically for Young Leaders. While Digital University must be completed by 9 September, we encourage you to pace yourself based on what best fits with your schedule in order to meet that final deadline. Rather than imposing module deadlines, we have provided a timeline with recommended milestones for completion so you can stay on track to complete Digital University by 9 September.

Here are the recommended Digital University milestones that the Alumni Facilitators will be using:

1 July: Digital University begins, start Module 1: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
13 July: start Module 2: Gender Equality, Sustainable Development, and the SDGs
24 July: start Module 3: Advocacy and Meaningful Youth Engagement
5 August: start Module 4: Communications and Media
14 August: start Module 5: Grant Proposals and Financial Stewardship
9 September: Digital University ends, Young Leaders should have finished all five modules

Tasks related to the curriculum include pre- and post-tests, forum discussions, knowledge checks, and interactions (which you will need to complete in order to “unlock” lessons and progress through the modules).

Q: Approximately how long will it take to complete Digital University?

At the beginning of each module, we have included an approximate time estimate of how long it may take to complete the section. With Young Leader feedback, we have also added wellness breaks with suggestions of where you can step away from the screen before diving back into the content.

Digital University will automatically save the progress you have made in each module. We have built in prompts for you to take breaks, and encourage you to pause at those moments so you are well-rested and able to fully engage in the modules.

Q: Do I have to take a test when I start each module? What if I do not know the answer?

There is a pre- and post-test with every module, and every module begins with a pre-test to assess your baseline knowledge before you start. It is okay if you do not know the answer, because you will learn it as you go through the content.

Q: Do I need to own any special devices or equipment to successfully participate and complete Digital University? I only have a smart phone and do not have access to a laptop, microphone, or other devices.

Digital University can also be accessed using a smart phone. You can access Digital University by typing in your web browser app on your phone and log in with your email address and password.

Once logged in, you will see the menu on Digital University. You can click “Young Leaders Program” to access the modules, and other menu items to access other parts of the Digital University platform.

If you experience difficulty accessing Digital University from your phone, you can reach out to us using the Contact page on the platform.

Q: Are there trigger warnings for Digital University content?

A “trigger warning” is meant to alert a reader or viewer to the fact that subsequent content may include potentially distressing material. In consideration of Young Leaders’ experience, Women Deliver has included trigger warnings in advance of some of the content in Digital University to warn those who may have experienced trauma. There are no graphic images in Digital University, but there may be words or descriptions that may be triggering to some. If there is content that you are uncomfortable with that is not marked with a trigger warning and feel should be, please utilize the Contact page to reach out to us.

Q: How are post-assessment scores used in assessing Young Leaders’ overall progress? Is it a pass/fail score? What are the implications of a failed score?

Assessments are to gauge learning and ultimately we want to see the change in learning from your pre- and post-tests. We are unable to re-open pre- or post-assessments on Digital University to make any changes to responses once submitted. As you proceed with the following modules, we encourage you to review all answer options carefully before selecting.

Please note that a passing score is 70% or higher on average across the five post assessments. Completion of all five modules of Digital University during the course period, including completing all related assessments, surveys, and digital webinars and information sessions, is a requirement of the Young Leaders Program.

Q: Will we receive a certificate of completion at the end of Digital University?

There will not be a certificate specific to Digital University; instead any certificate related to completing the Women Deliver Young Leaders Program will be based in part by successful completion of Digital University as well attendance and participation at Women Deliver 2022 Conference. Please refer back to your Acceptance Packet for the Terms of Reference you signed onto as members of the Young Leaders Program, Class of 2020.

Q: Will Digital University remain available after 9 September? Will we be able to access the modules that we already completed?

Yes, you will continue to have access to the modules after 9 September to use as reference.

We encourage you to look back to Digital University content, especially when you begin engaging in other Young Leaders Program opportunities, such as Speakers Bureau, small grants, and when crafting your communications strategy and responding to media requests.

Q: Are we allowed to share information learned from this platform with external peers or coworkers who are not Young Leaders?

Yes! You are welcome and encouraged to share what you learn through Digital University with your colleagues and peers. However, please note that log-ins are specifically assigned to Women Deliver Young Leaders, so please do not share your log-in information with anyone. If you work with other young people and with other organizations, you may share the PDF versions of the Digital University modules for mutual learning purposes only.

Q: Can you explain how Digital University was developed and its origins?

The Women Deliver Young Leaders Program Digital University was an initiative developed out of feedback from young people themselves. Young Leaders in the earliest classes of the Program’s history stated they wanted additional technical resources that were designed with them in mind.

Digital University modules are based off of previous versions of Digital University courses taken by former classes of Young Leaders (Alumni). The modules are reviewed and enhanced for each new class of Young Leaders by utilizing feedback from previous classes (including survey responses and a dedicated Digital University Committee comprised of interested Young Leaders). Various teams from across Women Deliver share their expertise areas to support the review, updates, and enhancements of the modules. Women Deliver also works with an outside learning agency that specializes in creative experiences and utilizes a science-based learning approach.

The latest enhancements to the Class of 2020’s Digital University coursework centers on increasing interactive elements, enriching the user experience through new features such as badging where you can earn badges to track the progress you are making in Digital University, enhancing accessibility by including HTML versions of modules for screen readers, providing additional storytelling components that feature external case studies and stories from Women Deliver Young Leaders themselves, and providing mental health breaks and more representative graphics for an inclusive learning experience.

Women Deliver has also built in feedback loops into Digital University for the Class of 2020 to provide input so that we can make performance improvements and adjustments during the course offering.

Q: Can we announce on social media that we are in Digital University? Can we identify as Women Deliver Young Leaders during projects with our affiliated organizations before we complete all five modules?

Yes! You are more than welcome to share that you are taking Digital University right now. We only ask that you do not share your log-in information with the public.

In June 2020, Women Deliver officially announced the Young Leaders Class of 2020, so you are welcome to publicly share and list your affiliation with Women Deliver as a “Women Deliver Young Leader.” Please refer to your Welcome Packet on guidance and best practices on ways in which you can identify your affiliation with Women Deliver.

Q: How will Digital University help us better promote ourselves as powerful advocates in our country or community?

In addition to sharing subject matter expertise on topics, including SRHR and meaningful youth engagement via other modules, Module 4 on Communications and Media will provide you a foundation on crafting an effective communications strategy and share knowledge about the various tools advocates have at their tool belt to advance their advocacy, including but not limited to social media, op-eds, letters to editors, etc. In this module, we have also included a section on how to deliver an effective elevator pitch. In late 2020, Women Deliver will also offer a webinar on steps to media success.